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Ungaro, 2006

El Amin-Aja Bey Khatenya

Ungaro now


Ungaro 2 years old:



Ungaro is an fantastic stallion in every way. Beauty and brains in an athletic body above the ordinary. Ungaro is one of the few sons left of El Amin so his bloodlines are very important. Ungaro has the biggest heart and loves to train/work. He carry hisrider with such pride and joy and he also has a lot of humor. Ungaro had his first foal this year, a beautiful, type and strong colt. There is a video of Ungaro galoping with rider at our FB side Heartfall Arabians.



-SCID negative and CA N/N

-X-rayed (OCD) without markings 2009-09-07


Showresults Ungaro:
Res Champion Colt and Class winner at Swedish Open 2009

Res. Champion Colt, International B-show, Exloo, Holland
Res. Champion Colt, Bollerup, Sweden 2008
Res. Champion Colt, International A-show, Vilhelmsborg, Denmark 2008

Ungaro qualified for European Championship in Mounted Archery 2011, Sweden.


AJA Bey Khateyna. Photocredit: Moell & Moell

Ungaros dam: AJA Bey Khateyna

AJA Bey Khateyna is imported from England. Her father is ALI KHALIL by WC Carmargue out of one of the most beautiful El Shaklan daughters Liana el Shaklan. Aja Bey Khateyna has one of the best producing motherlines in the world; TW Forteyna! Same mother as AJA Sangali, AJA Sanagor, AJA Santana.
AJA Bey Khateyna has proven herself to be a fantastic broodmare. Her foals are all outstanding!


Ungaros sire: El Amin.

Ungaros sire: El Amin

Junior champion Balen (B) Nat C.
Junior champion res. (D) Kreuth Int C
Junior champion res. All nations cup Aachen
Junior world champion res. Paris 2002
Best Belgium stallion 2005
Senior Stallion champion Orientalica Germany 2007
Senior Champion Stallion Int B Strohen 2007


Offspring 2012

Ungaro's Jasper



Price idea 20.000 EUR (+ VAT to company) but to a five star home or rider we can discuss the price slightly.



Always the best,

Wilda Wiholm


Exclusive breeding of Quality and Grace!





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